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Hi All,

We've received factory painted samples of our soon to be released re-run of the NSW 45' Louvre Van.

These vans will released later this year, probably around the mid to late 4th quarter.

Included are the 2 Candy versions of the LLV vans that were painted at Cowra.

These vans have come up a treat with the paint separation on these being absolutely amazing.

First up is W-2612 which was LLV 11058 in an earlier life.

W-2612 ex LLV 11058

Second up is W2613, formally LLV 11107

W-2613 ex LLV 11107

These are both in Pack LLV-8 along with a standard weathered LLV

For those after our much sort after Banana Vans from our last run, we've added 3 new packs to this run.

Here's an image of our new NLBF 11185L which is included in Pack NLBF-2

NLBF 11185L

Packs NLBF-2, NLBX-3, & NLBX-4 are included in this new run, with all new numbers and a new base colour for the vans.

For lovers of our TLV/TLX vans, you've been catered for as well, with 2 new packs also on the way.

Here we find TLV 31457

TLV 31457


Pack TLV-2 contains 2 plain silver vans plus this specially decorated TLV

Pack TLX-3 contains 1 plain silver TLX plus 2 TLX's with the Australian Tinplate logo on their sides.

Finally we have added GLX vans with the NSW 'R' logo on their sides

GLX 29470 comes equipped with the familiar Red Square with White R of the NSW Railways.

GLX 29470

This arrives in Pack GLX-4, which has 2 vans with the Red Square, one without.

All up we're producing 10 new packs of vans in the coming months with pre-order forms being available once we have a shipping date out of the factory.

As always with these being painted samples, these are indicative of the finish and some alteration may apply to the production run.

Until then stay safe

Graham - The On Track Models Team

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