There were 250 VSX Louvre Vans built for the Victorian Railways between 1972 & 1976. The initial batch of 100 were built by the Ballarat North Workshops, with the Newport Workshops building a further 50 wagons. The final batch of 100 Vans were built once again by the Ballarat North Workshops.

Gauge convertible, they have been used extensively across mainland Australia on both standard gauge and on their own native broad gauge. They have visited all of the major state capital cities and rail centres throughout Australia.

From carrying general goods, pet food, newsprint, and in later years bagged rice, these 56' Louvre Vans have proved to be a versatile wagon and the backbone of the Victorian Railways.

These models feature opening sliding doors, checker plate pattern on the internal floor surface, cargo barriers, a choice of plain pattern or louvre doors, and versions with and without the end louvre on the roof panel. They also come with metal couplers, and metal pin point axles.

There are 4 body styles produced across 10 different packs. Each pack contains 3 'HO' Scale models.

Available Body Styles

  • Body V1 - Louvre Doors, End Lourve Panel
  • Body V2 - Plain Pattern Doors, End Lourve Panel
  • Body V3 - Lourve Doors, No End Lourve Panel
  • Body V4 - Plain Pattern Doors, No End Lourve Panel
Pack Style Description Price Stock
Image VSX-5 Large VR VSX 811 (V1), VSX 825 (V1), VSX 839 (V1) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VSX-6 Large VR VSX 804 (V1), VSX 855 (V3), VSX 888 (V3) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VLEX-6 V/Line VLEX 852S (V3), VLEX 870Q (V4), VLEX 1000C (V4) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VLEX-7 V/Line VLEX 806Y (V1), VLEX 830H (V1), VLEX 856X (V4) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VLEX-8 Large VR VLEX 809 (V1), VLEX 818 (V1), VLEX 843 (V1) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VLEX-9 Large VR VLEX 835 (V1), VLEX 881 (V3), VLEX 893 (V3) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VLNX-2 2 V/Line & 1 VR VLNX 1J (V3), VLNX 9M (V1), VLNX 18 (V3) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VLNX-3 2 VR & 1 V/Line VLNX 12 (V3), VLNX 16 (V3), VLNX 25P (V3) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VLRX-1 Freight Aust VLRX 1V (V4), VLRX 14K (V1), VLRX 20F (V3) $180.00 Sold Out
Image VLRX-2 Freight Aust VLRX 803D (V2), VLRX 951J (V3), VLRX 17Y (V4) $180.00 Sold Out