TLX 29474 TLX 29462B
Of the 275 LLV/GLV Louvre Vans delivered by both Tulloch Ltd. of Rhodes, NSW & Hadfields (A.E.Goodwin) between 1958 - 1963, some 60 vans were converted & re-coded to TLV from October 1959 to October 1963 for the cartage of Tinplate from Port Kembla to various canneries.

Commencing from October 1964 these vans were steadily re-coded to TLX, however by 1980 there were still some examples left in traffic with the TLV coding.

Our new TLX packs hae been back-dated with new ends to represent these vans as they first came into service.

Pack TLX-1 has 2 plain silver vans and 1 van with the NSWR logo on its side.

Pack TLX-2 has 1 plain silver van and 2 vans with the Australian Tinplate logo on their sides.
Pack Style Description Price Stock
Image TLX-1 Aluminium TLX 29428, TLX 29474, TLX 29476 $150.00 Sold Out
Image TLX-2 Aluminium TLX 29462, TLX 29465, TLX 29496 $150.00 Sold Out