7014 (Kirstie Marshall) VLP Mk3 7001 (Sir Hubert Opperman) PTC 7008 (Gary Ablett) VLP Mk2 Red 7015 (Louise Dobson) VLP Mk1 Red 7018 (Bill Roycroft) VLP Mk1 Blue

The Sprinter is a light diesel rail passenger vehicle, manufactured in 1993 specifically to transport passengers on non-electrified service lines.

Sprinter railcars are capable of operating as single units or in multiple unit sets, of up to eight vehicles. Each Sprinter railcar incorporates a driver's cab at each end, allowing the vehicle to travel in either direction with no loss of efficiency.

The propulsion system of the Sprinter is based on dual traction units which are capable of operating the vehicle at speeds in excess of 130km/h.

The Public Transport Corporation of Victoria operates 22 Sprinter railcars for outer-suburban intercity service.

Colour Scheme Descriptions

Logo Colour Drivers Window Sand Boxes
PTC Teal & Sunflower Sliding No
VLP Mk1 Blue VLP Red & Blue Sliding No
VLP Mk1 Red VLP Red & Blue Sliding No
VLP Mk2 Red VLP Red & Blue Sliding Yes
VLP Mk3 VLP Red & Purple Fixed Yes
Pack Style Description Price Stock
SP-11a PTC 7001 (Sir Hubert Opperman) $330.00 Sold Out
SP-11b PTC 7012 (Roy Higgens) $330.00 Low Stock
SP-12a VLP Mk1 Blue 7018 (Bill Roycroft) $330.00 In Stock
SP-12b VLP Mk1 Red 7015 (Louise Dobson) $330.00 In Stock
SP-13a VLP Mk2 Red 7022 (Unnamed) $330.00 In Stock
SP-13b VLP Mk2 Red 7009 (Bob Davis) $330.00 In Stock
SP-14a VLP Mk3 7016 (Michael Tuck) $330.00 Sold Out
SP-14b VLP Mk3 7004 (Nick Green) $330.00 Sold Out
SP-21a PTC, PTC 7006 (Andrew Cooper), 7011 (Raelene Boyle) $630.00 In Stock
SP-22a PTC, VLP Mk1 Blue 7003 (James Tonkin), 7010 (Andrew Gaze) $630.00 In Stock
SP-23a VLP Mk2 Red, VLP Mk2 Red 7021 (Unnamed), 7008 (Gary Ablett) $630.00 In Stock
SP-24a VLP Mk2 Red, VLP Mk3 7017 (Debbie Flintoff King), 7014 (Kirstie Marshall) $630.00 Low Stock
SP-25a VLP Mk3, VLP Mk3 7005 (Michael McKay), 7002 (Steve Moneghetti) $630.00 Sold Out