HLX 29550 NLHX 29579
75 HLV Louvre Vans were delivered between 1959 - 1961 by Tulloch Ltd. of Rhodes, NSW.

41 wagons were re-coded to BLV between November 1963 to August 1964 and commencing from October 1964 all of the BLV & HLV vans were re-coded to HLX.

This was a result of the capacity of the wagon increasing from 40t to 47t and also in part due the changeover to exchange bogies.

Our new HLX pack has been back-dated with new ends to represent these vans as they first came into service, while our new NLHX pack represents the models from the early 1980's

We have 1 new pack of HLX's and one new pack of NLHX's.
Pack Style Description Price Stock
Image HLX-3 Gunmetal HLX 29550, HLX 29566, HLX 29588 $150.00 Sold Out
Image NLHX-2 Grime NLHX 29579, NLHX 29607, NLHX 29611 $150.00 Sold Out