Victorian 40' Box Car

VBBF 135R (VBBF-01) BLX 86 (SBL-01) VBBY 126C (VBBY-01)

There were 129 box vans built for the Victorian Railways by Newport Workshops between 1960 & 1962.

Vans 23 - 119 were initially coded BB, while some 13 were recoded BF in Oct 1961. These were recoded BLF by January 1962.

The remaining van numbers 120 - 151 were introduced as BLF's. The entire fleet of 129 vans was recoded BLX between 1963 & 1965.

In 1970 BLX 86 was specially painted for the first standard gauge train from Adelaide to Sydney via Broken Hill for Stephens Railex.

Vans BLX 23 - 120 & BLX 145 - 151 were reclassified VBBX from 1979.

Between September 1967 & June 1968, 24 vans number BLX 121 to BLX 144 were reclassified to BLF for Palletised Bagged Cement traffic. Initially retaining their original bogies at least 17 and up to 22 vans were refitted with the heavier aligned bogie.

These 24 vans were recoded VBBY in the 1979 reclassification, and in 1987 changed for the last time to VBBF.

Door styles over the years changed from the original plain panel doors, to single louvre, then twin louvre, and finally VHX style doors.

Combinations of the first 3 doors are common.

These vans include Genuine Kadee (R) Couplers, and AMRA profile wheels.

Features include opening sliding doors, simulated timber floors, cargo barriers, a combination of either plain pattern, twin louvre doors, or VHX style doors.

These wagons have no end louvre on the roof.

Some of the later BLF / VBBY / VBBF vans also include the aligned bogie.

We have 12 packs of 3 models available as well as 2 single packs.

Pack Style Description Price Stock
Image BB-01 VR Wagon Red No Logo BB 23, BB 30, BB 35 $180.00 Sold Out
Image BB-02 VR Wagon Red No Logo BB 36, BB 42, BB 47 $180.00 Very Low Stock
Image BLF-01 VR Wagon Red No Logo BLF 28, BLF 46 BLF 59 $180.00 Low Stock
Image BLX-01 VR Wagon Red Small VR Logo BLX 55, BLX 62, BLX 70 $180.00 Sold Out
Image BLX-02 VR Wagon Red Med VR Logo BLX 33, BLX 72, BLX 89 $180.00 Sold Out
Image BLX-03 VR Wagon Red Large VR Logo BLX 26, BLX 50, BLX 101 $180.00 Sold Out
Image CBLF-01 VR Wagon Red Large VR Logo BLF 125, BLF 128, BLF 133 $180.00 Sold Out
Image VBBX-01 VR Wagon Red Large VR Logo VBBX 48, VBBX 60P, VBBX 85 $180.00 Sold Out
Image VBBX-02 VR Wagon Red Large V/Line Logo VBBX 56P, VBBX 92L, VBBX 102 $180.00 Very Low Stock
Image VBBX-03 VR Wagon Red Large V/Line Logo VBBX 43D, VBBX 91C, VBBX 95P $180.00 Very Low Stock
Image VBBY-01 VR Wagon Red Cement VR Logo VBBY 126C, VBBY 130, VBBY 140 $180.00 Sold Out
Image VBBF-01 VR Wagon Red Cement V/L Logo VBBF 128N, VBBF 135R, VBBF 141M $180.00 Sold Out
Image SBL-01 Stephens Railex BLX 86 (Single Van) $65.00 Sold Out
Image SBL-02 VR Wagon Red Ex Small VR Logo BLF 25 (Single Van) $65.00 Sold Out